Combining resources and technological components with a variety of characteristics from different origins is a complex task requiring in-depth analysis and the ability to adapt and coordinate, something we specialize in.

Integration of technologies

What makes us different

Desing and

Spatial distribution, the incorporation of different technologies, practical improvements, software, manufacturing systems… all these aspects are developed and coordinated to perfection to create vessels that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Technical Office

One distinguishing facet of design and production is project planning: the complex task of synchronizing the arrival of equipment and analyzing its technical documentation, executing the technical office’s drawings, installing the equipment, etc. All these tasks have to be carried out in an efficient, coordinated way, as well as taking into account the uniqueness of each boat and the particular characteristics of each project.
The detailed design and construction drawings are drawn up by the shipyard’s own technical staff using state-of-the-art software: fairing, nesting, detailed drawings for the steel construction, steel blocks, pipe isometrics, routing, etc.

The technical department is responsible for the following: weight control during the construction period, stability calculations, launching conditions, approval of drawings by the classification society and by flag authorities.


Our innovative spirit, added to our company’s proven track record over almost 100 years, has set us apart from the rest and made us able to integrate pioneering technological solutions. Here are just a few:

First PSV with Voith thrusters integrated into the DP system

[Vessel: Edda Fram]

First vessel with electric winches

[Vessel: Sunderøy]

First vessel equipped with oilfield sludge removal system

[Vessel: Edda Fram]

First vessel using Blue Drive PlusC technology (Siemens) based on the mindset concept

[Vessel: Edda Ferd]

First vessel with Rim Drive technology (800 kW)

[Vessel: Edda Fram]

First vessel with unified bridge

[Vessel: Stril Luna]

First dual-fuel tugs built in Europe

[Vessels: Dux/Pax/Audax]

First Service Operation Vessel built in Spain

[Vessels: Edda Passat/Edda Mistral]

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