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What we do

GONDAN builds all kinds of vessels, using the materials and technology appropriate for each one.
Each vessel is unique – one-of-a-kind – as each project is strictly customized.


All orders are tailor-made, unique and personalized. The adaptation to each particular vessel’s circumstances and to the technical and quality requirements requested by each client is evident in all development phases, from design to production, making each boat singularly one-of-a-kind.

This customization means total flexibility in the production process; we adapt to the shipowner’s requisites and promptly and skillfully adjust planning to suit the changing needs of the project.

Proa Stril Mar
Sala de máquinas

GONDAN vessels are the result of the skillful integration of different technologies. They are manufactured under the strictest production controls, efficiently responding to the needs of each customer.

Guaranteed highly reliable, robust vessels are what boost our customers’ trust in us, enabling long-lasting relationships.

Construccion Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
Popa Edda Ferd
All our production processes comply scrupulously with the safety standards defined by the legal regulations in force and by the shipyard itself. All aspects of production that affect people are covered: from recruitment to technical reviews, including protection equipment and implementation of protocols. We fully comply with the legal regulations and the requirements of shipowners regarding quality and safety.
Tough, long-lasting reliability

We have been constructing steel vessels for over 50 years.
Quality- and precision-built by true steel craftsmen, hulls made of this resistant material
protect ships against the pounding of the sea and the passage of time.
We never stop investing in our facilities, modernizing and improving them in order to continue
strengthening our steel processing capacity, which today reaches 3,000 T / year.

Popa Stril Merkur
Light and versatile

GONDAN’s Fiberglass Division was created in response to our interest in expanding the number of market segments to which we offer our shipbuilding services. This system allows for tremendous versatility and offers enormous advantages with regards to production costs and efficiency.

This division focuses production on building passenger vessels and workboats (patrol boats, pilot boats, port service vessels, fishing boats, etc.), made of resins and fiberglass using different composite processing methods (RTM LIGHT, Infusion, Hand Lay-up).


We are specialists in building all kinds of complex vessels, no matter what their function. At GONDAN we respond to those especially demanding sectors that require technological solutions to complex problems.

Fishing boats, offshore oil & gas vessels, offshore wind farm vessels, luxury cruise ships, patrol boats … all types of vessels continually expand our catalogue.
But what is truly important is how we have made them and how we completely adapt ourselves to each order, maintaining maximum quality in whatever vessel we build.

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