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We are pleased to show you exclusive multimedia content selected especially for Fishery professionals. In this case, you will have access to publications about the last developments in the fishing sector, specifically about the Fishing Stern trawlers in which GONDAN Shipbuilders is involved, such as the Sunderøy or the Magne Arvesen, two of world’s most advanced and modern fishing vessels.

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Magne Arvesen   Freezing stern trawler

magne arvesen main image

OWNER: Engenes Fiskeriselskap A/S (Norway)

DESIGNER: Kongsberg Maritime

Built to withstand the harsh environment of Northern Atlantic and Artic waters, this sophisticated freezing stern trawler features a modern factory deck arrangement able to handle and freeze both white fish and shrimps, ensuring a high quality catch. In order to achieve the highest efficiency in all operational conditions, the vessel is equipped with the latest permanent magnet electric winch technology, a low resistant hull design as well as a hybrid propulsion system.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS  The magnificent

In this first approach to our new Freezing Stern Trawler, Magne Arvesen, you will see and hear the first hand insights of relevant stakeholders of this project.

A first good impresion Two members of the crew, the Skipper Ansgar Gjendem and the Chief Engineer, Martin Bolme, tell us about features and advantages of Magne Arvesen. 6’31”
Magne Arvesen, the efficiency is the key Cato Fjelstad, Senior Sales Manager of Kongsberg Maritime, highlights the most important characteristics of the NVC-370 Design. 5’34”
A relationship based on trust Johannes Arvesen and Børge Arvesen, CEO and president of the board of Engenes Fiskeriselskap. They are the proud shipowners and talk with us about the project and the relationship with GONDAN. 6’21”


How do we build our steel hulls?

Our GONDAN’s production manager, César Mateo, guide us through the whole steel work process. He shows us the shipyard facilities - storage, cutting, and other workshops - and some little secrets you will find along the way...

Introduction to the Steel Work Process Welcome to the heart of our shipyard. 1’18”
Steel Cutting High quality steel, produced in Spain specifically for us, is efficiently cut, beveled and stored. 2’55”
Steel Profiles, Cutting and Bending Know our modern equipment for cutting and bending and how the steel profiles are protected and stored to get a good quality before painting. 2’29”
Steel Processes Innovation Latest technology in welding robots. A human-machine cooperation. 1’42”
Flat Panels and Blocks Prefabrication Last steps in the steel process of our vessels. 1’42”
Dimensional Control Daniel González, our topographer, explain to us how the fast and accurate Dimensional Control System works. 2’47”

IN OPERATION  “Bon voyage!”

In spite of the terrible pandemic that all of us have suffered, our vessels Sunderøy and Magne Arvesen are already sailing and fishing succesfully. Daniel Scavuzzo, Commercial Director of GONDAN, ask Knut Holmøy and Børge Arvesen, the owners of Sunderøy and Magne Arvesen, respectively, about their impressions.

We also talk to Iván Artime, our Factory Director, who makes an overview of these interesting and complex projects.

Børge Arvesen President of the board of Engenes Fiskeriselskap 5’06”
Knut Holmøy CEO of Prestfjord AS 6’55”
Iván Artime GONDAN’s Factory Director 5’20”
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Sunderøy   Freezing stern trawler

sunderoy main image

OWNER: Prestfjord Seafood A/S (Norway)

DESIGNER: Kongsberg Maritime

One of world’s most advanced fishing vessels, this modern stern trawler is arranged with triple trawl and pelagic trawl for catching white fish and shrimps on Arctic waters. Designed with a special focus on gentle fish handing and optimized for bottom and mid-water trawling, the vessel is equipped with modern and automated fish processing equipment, including a meal plant, and a total hold capacity of 2250 m3. As achieving a minimal environmental footprint is a key factor, this state of the art trawler introduces a wave piercing hull design and a hybrid propulsion system, reducing the vessel’s impact on the environment.

Videos  A first glance at Sunderøy

Let’s hear what Knut Holmøy and Robert Jenssen, CEO and Technical Surveyor of Prestfjord A/S respectively, want to say about their new vessel.

INTRODUCTION CEO Knut Roald Holmøy and Technical Surveyor Robert Jennsen show the Sunderøy to us, the new addition to Prestfjord A/S fleet.
CHALLENGES The Technical Surveyor of Prestfjord A/S, Robert Jenssen reveals the complexities of building the new Sunderøy.
RESULTS How to choose a yard and why finding the right partner matters, in the words of a vessel owner.
COVID-19 The CEO of PRESTFJORD A/S explains their successful experience building a vessel amidst a pandemic.

Interview  An

Luis Mourelle talks with Monrad Hide, from Kongsberg Design and Javier Martín-Arroyo, GONDAN’s Technical Director about innovative and challenging aspects when designing the new Sunderøy.


  • Luis Mourelle GONDAN’s Commercial Manager
  • Javier Martín-Arroyo GONDAN’s Technical Director
  • Monrad Hide Sales Director Kongsberg Design
Sunderøy, a complex vessel, a milestone… What makes it so special? 2’30”
What were the challenges for GONDAN’s Technical Office from the construction point of view? 3’10”
Meal factory integration in the basic design and detailed engineering 3’22”
Cooperation between Owner, Designer and Yard makes a difference 2’03”
What do the owners value about Kongsberg Maritime design and GONDAN’s Technical Office? 2’34”
Full interview 13’27”

VIDEO INTERVIEWS  Quality matters

To achieve client satisfaction with a quality product is our common goal. Let´s listen to the experts: the certification company, our acommodation supplier and our own workers.

Compliance with the strictest standards José Luis Fernández Soto, surveyor from the certification company DNV, tells us about his everyday tasks at GONDAN. 3’41”
Feeling like home Per Brekke and Vicente Santiago, from LidoMarine, accomodation supplier, tell us about their work on Sunderøy vessel. 3’58”
A big family How our team understand what quality really is. 4’59”
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VIRTUAL TOUR  Inside the Sunderøy

Join us on a fascinating journey through every corner of this modern vessel and discover its best kept secrets. Here the captain will be you.

Virtual Tour

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Fishing Vessels Premium Channel has completed its lastest stage... by now. The projects that inspired us have been finished and delivered to their owners, but we are already working in more contents related to new projects. So don’t leave us, we will keep you informed!