TYPE: Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
OWNER: Østensjø Rederi A/S (Norway)

Among the most innovative PSVs in the world, Edda Fram (2007), Edda Frende (2009) and Edda Ferd (2013) were the first PSVs built with Voith-Schneider propellers that could serve both as the main propulsion and anti-rolling system. In addition, they were the first ones to be equipped with a Rim-Driven technology tunnel thruster with super-silent capabilities.

Improving the efficiency of its sister vessels and becoming the most environmentally friendly PSV in the world in 2013 according to OSJ, Edda Ferd is also the first vessel to be equipped with the Siemens Bluedrive PlusC disesel-electric propulsion system. This cutting edge technology provides independent speed control of each engine, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Edda Frende_Puente
Edda Frende_Camarote
General information
Hull material Steel
Type Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
Delivery 2009
DNV-GL Class notation  ✠ 1A1, Supply Vessel, SF, E0, ICE C, DYNPOS- AUTR, CLEAN, Comfort-C(3)-V(3), LFL* Registered notations: DK(+) and HL(2.8), PMS, ISM, NAUT-OSV(A) OILREC.
Length overall 85.8 m
Length between perpendiculars 77.4 m
Breadth moulded 19.2 m
Depth from main deck 8.0 m
Maximum draught 6.7 m
Deadweight at max  draught 4012 t
Fuel oil 1,100 m3
Fresh water 1,000 m3
Ballast 1,080 m3
Oil rec. 690 m3
Cargo deck area 910 m2
Special Cargo Capacities
Dry Bulk Cement Tanks 260 m3
Drill Water/Ballast 2,280 m3
Liquid Mud / Brine 1,215 m3
Methanol 440 m3
Drill Cuttings / Special products LFL/LFL* 720 m3
Slop tanks 24.3 m3 + 5.5 m3 LFL*
Accommodation for 23
Cabins Total 27. 16 single cabins + 11 double cabin
Propulsion  / Maneuvering
Propulsion System Diesel-Electric /  Siemens BlueDrive PlusC
Power Generation 2 x Siemens generator, 2222 kW each + 2 x Siemens generator, 3333 kW each + Battery Hybrid Power Station
Main Engines 2 x MAK 6M25C, 2000kW each + 2 x MAK 9M25C,  3000 kW each
Main  Propellers 2 x Voith Schneider 32R5 ECR/300-2, 2700 kW each
Bow Thrusters 2 x Brunvoll FU-80-LCR, 2250 kW each + 1 x Brunvoll RDT-1750, 800 kW RIM tunnel thruster
Maximum speed 16 Kn
Eco speed 12 Kn
Deck / Special equipment
Cranes 1 x  1.5 t at 8m Port Side + 1 x 3.0 t at 10 m Starboard Side
Fast rescue craft Alusafe 770 Mk2 Twin
Anti-Roll system Voith Roll Stabilization

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