GONDAN is awarded with the construction of a Buoy Tender Vessel for Scotland

GONDAN is awarded with the construction of a Buoy Tender Vessel for Scotland

The Northern Lighthouse Board is appointed as the General Lighthouse Authority for Scotland and its adjacent seas and islands, in addition to the Isle of Man. They provided a vital safety service to mariners since 1786 and are responsible for the superintendence and management of all lights, buoys and beacons within Scottish and Isle of Man waters. Currently they operate and maintain 208 lighthouses and 174 buoys. They have in operation two ships NLV PHAROS and NLV POLE STAR, which carry out buoy work, deliver stores and supplies to lighthouses and inspect navigation aids on oil and gas rigs in the Scottish sector.

The new Buoy Tender Vessel, which is set to be delivered in middle 2025, will be one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vessels of its kind. It will feature advanced navigation and communication systems, that will allow hydrographic surveying and wreck finding, as well as a range of energy-efficient technologies that will help reduce its carbon footprint. The new vessel is destined to replace the current NLV POLE STAR, providing NLB the ability to deliver its vital safety services over the next 25 years.

GONDAN is proud to have been awarded on this thorough and competitive tender process, and is committed to deliver the highest quality and efficiency on a vessel that will help improve the safety and reliability of navigational aids around the Scottish coast, and will support the growth and development of the local industry.

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